The home of fans

The only app in the world to offer you :

Event tickets
& all the services
to get you there !

Discover the power of a social network linked to a marketplace designed for fans. 🚀

Say goodbye to…

Multi-sites searches

Dear fan : browsing a ton of sites is ancient story

Endless redirections

Navigation remains straightforward, don't get tangled in the web no more !

Waste of time

Time is a precious ally, save it with Fanswaves !

Loss of motivation

Fanswaves eliminates red tape that demotivates people to move. Enjoy your "event trip" guys !

Pay upfront for the group

Don't feel forced anymore to advance funds to break the deadlock. Fanswaves sets you free !

Refund delays

With Fanswaves you can choose to split the bill with your friends or pay in installments. Don't chase your money anymore...


Organizer :

Burden has been lifted

Slacker :

No more excuses,

I guess…

is the first and only app

that helps fans

to get organized as groups

and attend events as one


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