FAQ - Fanswaves


1. What is Fanswaves ?

Fanswaves is a fan-oriented social network designed to simplify the organization of travel to attend events. It embeds a search engine, marketplace, and offers payment facilities to enhance the fan experience.

2. How does Fanswaves work ?

Fanswaves allows users to find and buy event tickets, transportation, and accommodations all in one place. It also offers features like group messaging, content consumption, gamification, polls, and more.

3. What makes Fanswaves different from other platforms ?

Fanswaves is the first sociable network designed to connect fans and simplify the organization of attending events. Unlike other platforms, Fanswaves offers an integrated marketplace and focuses on creating both digital and physical connections between fans.

4. How do I create an account ?

Simply download the Fanswaves app from your respective app store here :

πŸ‘‰Β WebAppΒ Version:Β https://app.fanswaves.com

πŸ‘‰Β iOSΒ Version:Β Apple App Store

πŸ‘‰Β AndroidΒ Version:Β Google Play Store

and follow the onboarding instructions to create your account.

5. Can I give my feedback ?

Yes, of course ! And we’d love to hear what you think ! Follow this link :

πŸ‘‰ https://tally.so/r/3X0WAd

5. Is Fanswaves free to use ?

Yes, Fanswaves offers a free version with core features. However, there may be premium features or services available for a fee in the future.

6. How does Fanswaves ensure the safety and security of my data ?

We prioritize user data security. All personal information is encrypted, and we adhere to strict data protection regulations.

7. Can I connect with other fans on Fanswaves ?

Absolutely! Fanswaves is designed to help fans connect, communicate, and share their experiences.

8. How does the payment facility work ?

Fanswaves offers multiple payment options, including bill sharing between friends, multiple payments, or deferred payments.

9. What is the Global Football Alliance (GFA) partnership ?

GFA is a strategic alliance of 20 non-rival football clubs worldwide. Fanswaves has partnered with GFA to enhance the fan experience and offer exclusive deals and content.

10. What is groundhopping?

Groundhopping is a hobby where fans aim to visit as many stadiums as possible, attending hundreds of games per year in various countries. Fanswaves caters to groundhoppers by offering features that simplify their travel organization.

11. How does Fanswaves support sustainability and inclusivity?

In a near future, Fanswaves will be committed to promoting sustainable transportation options and providing accurate information to assist people with reduced mobility.

12. I have suggestions for Fanswaves. How can I share them ?

We love hearing from our users! Please use the ‘Feedback’ option in the app or contact our support team at

13. I’m facing technical issues with the app. How can I get help?

Please visit the ‘Support’ section in the app or email our technical support team at support@fanswaves.com

14. How can I stay updated with Fanswaves’ latest features and news?

Follow us on our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates and announcements. Or become a beta tester here : https://tally.so/r/wgGa4w

15. I’m an organizer of sports, music or e-sport events. How can I list it/them on the map ?

Welcome partner ! Click here to complete the application form : https://tally.so/r/w4r7Pd

16. I offer an accommodation service as a comparator, or as a hotel chain. How can I list it/them on the map ?

Welcome partner ! Click here to complete the application form : https://tally.so/r/w4r7Pd

17. I offer a transport service as a comparator, or as a company (air, rail, car rental, cab, VTC, bikes, etc.). How can I list it/them on the map?

Welcome partner ! Click here to complete the application form : https://tally.so/r/w4r7Pd