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the JANUS of Digital Experience 2024

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We are thrilled to announce that Fanswaves has been certified the prestigious Janus of Digital Experience 2024 by the French Institute of Design.

This recognition highlights our commitment to innovation, user experience, and our dedication to fostering passion through technology.

The first app to receive this distinction in the 70-year history of the JANUS awards.

The JANUS of Digital Experience rewards achievements designed with a focus on user experience.

It anticipates their expectations and meets their needs through a digital solution.

The jurors evaluate the flagship achievements, those that provide an eloquent synthesis of functional, technical, and aesthetic criteria, at the intersection of economics and the humanities.

They select products and services that prioritize respect for the user and their environment, achievements that are sustainably part of an ethical design approach serving the Individual, the Economy, and the City.


The evaluation is based on the definition of these 5 pillars :


- Competitive Edge : Integrated approach to ticketing, transport, and accommodation with a unique social dimension.

- Process Evolution : Developed using agile methods, open-source technologies, and the founders' complementary skills.

- Internal Gains : Strengthens user loyalty and generates recurring revenue through commissions and ads.

- Synergy : Collaboration with designers and local event promotion, boosting the local economy.

- Real Need : Simplifies the organization of trips for sports and music fans, addressing a genuine market demand.


- User Comfort : Smooth and enjoyable user experience with an intuitive interface.

- Ease of Use : Minimal learning curve with clear gestures and interfaces.

- Accessibility : Secure, accessible to a broad audience, and saves time by centralizing travel planning.

- Maintenance Optimization : Regular updates for performance and new features.

- Cognitive Ergonomics : Uses contrast colors and readable typography for better visibility and accessibility.


- Overall Appeal : Modern, attractive design with a professional and friendly feel.

- Visual Harmony : Consistent design across all sections, providing a coherent user experience.

- Quality Perception : Pleasant atmosphere with careful finishes enhancing perceived quality.


- Material Choice : Commitment to using sustainable and optimized digital infrastructure.

- Eco-Design : Developed with energy efficiency in mind.

- Environmental Impact : Promotes eco-friendly transport and events, contributing to a circular economy.

- Social Impact : Supports ethical practices and local job creation.


- Comprehensive Integration : Harmonizes economic, ergonomic, aesthetic, and ethical aspects for a memorable user experience.

- Communication Coherence : Transparent and engaging communication.

- Public Education : Educates users on the benefits of Fanswaves, focusing on user well-being.

- Emotional Connection : Creates a strong emotional bond with users, enhancing positive interactions.

- Modern Resonance : Aligns with current trends, addressing modern consumer expectations.

This label guarantees that the product conforms to the values of the 5 pillars of design, awarded by a jury of 22 experts.

Fanswaves : The Sociable Network for Event Enthusiasts

Why we do it

We believe that access to wonder should be simplified.
Experiencing what makes us tick, anywhere, alone or in a group, should be effortless. Fanswaves bridges the digital and physical worlds, making travel to events seamless and enjoyable. We are convinced that technology should serve to bring people closer together, which is why we created the first ‘sociable’ network. Are you in ?

Our Missions

Boost the Event Industry

Globally, 40% of tickets remain unsold. We aim to help event producers optimize venue occupancy.

Be Inclusive

80% of people with reduced mobility forgo travel due to insufficient information. Everyone should have access to their passion.

Be Sustainable

Partner with companies transparent about their CO2 footprint, empowering fans to choose the most responsible transportation options.

Save Time

We spend four times longer preparing for trips than experiencing them. Let's reverse this.

French Institute of Design missions

explained by its President, Anne-Marie Sargueil.

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